Sales Forecasting 

Small Business Hackathon Winner

For 3 days in March I competed in a hackathon aimed at creating an e-commerce product or feature which supports small businesses in their recovery from the pandemic. 

Our team brought to life my idea of a Sales Forecasting dashboard to work within the existing Toast Management System which accurately predicts future sales for restaurants by combining historic sales data with publicly available event calendars.

By seeing an estimation of the following week or month, a manager can fine-tune budgets and schedules, limit waste in ordering and maximize tip pools for the wait staff.



Myself - UX Designer

Michaela Griswold - UX Designer

Jamie Magruder - UX Designer

Jennifer Boyles - Data Scientist

Jesse Tao - Data Scientist

Patrick O'Hern - Software Engineer

Scott Solmonson - Software Engineer

UX Methods

User Interviews, Affinity Mapping, Click Testing, Usability Testing,  High Fidelity Prototyping with Figma


3 days